The Syrah enjoys a warm hillside location in the cooler Bennett Valley. The ‘One Single-Cluster-per-Shoot” rule is here ‘de rigueur’ for a perfect ripeness and full expression.

Bouquet Garni was coined after the typical spicy and meaty character of the wine. This is also in honor of our Chef ancestor, Abel Coutanceau.
Propietary Name Bouquet Garni
Name Meaning Garnish Bouquet
Spicy aromas of Syrah
Varietal composition Syrah (100%)
Type of wine Vineyard designated
Appellation Bennett Valley
Vineyard singularity Volcanic mélange, clay and rocks
Warm hillside spot in a cool area.
Single cluster per shoot
Three field selections
Typical harvest date End of October
Picking Manual, small lugs, refer truck
Sorting Cluster by cluster, berry per berry
Fermentation Through native yeast.
Punch downs
Puncheons and tanks
Upbringing 14 months
French oak from artisan coopers
Bottling Unfiltered
Cellaring time 10+ years
Serving At room temperature
Decant when served young

Winemaker notes:

This wine is made from an exceptional hillside vineyard located in Bennett Valley, where natural conditions are ideal for growing Syrah. Handcrafted by using classical winemaking techniques of Vallée du Rhone, this wine reveals a complex and spicy bouquet. Named after the famous culinary bundle to honor our first relative who emigrated from France to the USA, Abel Pierre Aimé Coutanceau, who was, by profession, an accomplished chef, it is the ‘Garnished Bouquet’ or ‘Bouquet Garni.’

Intense violet, black cherry, leather and spicy flavors (white pepper and clove), rich and concentrated with a lingering spicy finish. Will age gracefully for several decades.